Rust Repairs: Cars, Trucks, Trailers, Boats, Plant & Machinery

Rust Repairs. Before.
Rust Repairs. Before

Rust Repairs. After.

Rust Repairs. After

For all vehicles and metal products rust is a most serious and enduring problem. At the outset, it affects the outward appearance. It then becomes a safety hazzard and finally it leads to total destruction.

That is why, if you spot rust, you need to act quickly. This will ensure the integrity of the metal for many many years.

By calling ABM Mobile Welding at the earliest stage, you can protect your vehicle or machinery. Make us part of your maintenance program. ABM Mobile Welding services include:

  • On-site Rust Repair – Minor and Major
  • Replacement of Metal Sections
  • Custom Fabricated Metal Sections
  • Custom Car Metal Work
  • Rust Repairs for Unroadworthy Vehicles
  • We Can Repair Most Rust Damage

If things do get away on you and you end up with a major rust issue ABM Mobile Welding is happy to step in and set it right.

We can repair cars, trucks, trailers, boats, plant & machinery and more, on or off-site, depending on the requirements of the job.

We have the experience, qualifications and equipment to completely remove the rust by cutting out the rusted section, fabricating on site and welding in clean metal of equal thickness and strength. The final repair to your car, boat, truck, trailer or plant will give you the best result possible.

Rust Repairs - Common Problems


Floor Pans, Fire Walls, Chassis Cracks, Rust around windows

Additional plating to suit modifications

Rust repairs – cars, trucks, trailers , boats, plant & machinery

Fuel tank repairs – steel, aluminium, stainless

Sumps – Alloy and Steel

Plus much more – Contact Andy today at ABM Engineering Mobile Welding & Fitting

Rust Repairs. We come to you.

ABM Mobile Welding and Fitting services clients throughout the Sydney Metro area. Call Andy and let us help you out.
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